Banana CAN run!

After reading several other blogs, I was inspired to start my own.  I’m really doing this just for me because I started Couch-2-5K on Saturday and I want to keep up with my time as I progress (hopefully) and I may as well post the awesome dinners we eat.  Pictures will be taken with my crappy iPhone camera as I have no digital camera.

So, on to the topic at hand…running!  Saturday (Aug 20) was W1D1 (Week 1, Day 1) of the program.  I use the iPhone app, so I run with my iPhone in hand – doesn’t bother me. I started with a brisk 5 minute walk and the lady said “begin running now” and so I ran for 60 seconds, then walked for 90 seconds, ran 60 and repeated for 20 minutes, followed by a 5 minute walk cool down.  Brett ran with me (he doesn’t need a program; he’s like Forrest Gump, he could run forever w/out stopping) so that was nice.  He kept me at a good and steady pace.  It was midday and was probably over 100F outside.  We’re in South Texas and it’s August and there is a heat advisory for as long as the forecast will show.  But we don’t have a treadmill, so outside muggy hot running, it is.  I can’t wait until it cools down some (December?) so I can control my breathing better. Day 1 was over in 30 minutes and I went about 2.2 miles.

Monday (Aug 22) was W1D2 – repeat of Day 1.  When the lady on the app said “walk now” a couple of times I kept running for about 20 seconds.  I could keep going, so why not?  I also ran some during the cool down and went a little farther.  I used the imapmyrun app on my phone at the same time and it tracked my route for me plus my distance and time.  I should be able to run 5K without stopping and in 30 minutes by mid-October, maybe sooner.  That is so foreign to me because right now I can go about 2 minutes before my breathing is really short and choppy and I have to slow down to catch my breath.  To be able to run 30 minutes straight amazes me. My legs don’t bother me as much as my breathing, as well as a stitch I sometimes get in my side for a few minutes.  I just walk and breathe slowly and it goes away (usually). If/when it cools down, I figure my speed will increase.  I probably shouldn’t be talking about speed this early in the game, BUT I am competitive with myself and hope to see quick improvement.  Today’s recap: I finished 2.36 miles in 37 minutes.  We left to run at 6:30pm and it was 96F with a heat index of 104F. Lawd!

Moving on to food!  We really aren’t that exciting, but we do like to try new recipes.  Last night we had red snapper and orzo.  I got the recipe from Cooking Light (after googling).  Will have to link.  I enjoyed it; Brett thought the fish tasted like meat (which is good because he doesn’t really like fish – I’ll spare you his description) but he thought the orzo was kind of bland.  I liked it because it was fresh tasting and a nice complement to the fish.  The cooked orzo was mixed with fresh parsley, shallots, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, dijon mustard, salt and pepper.  The end of the fish fell off, whoops!  Brett added the fresh parsley for decorative purposes.

Today is a rest day.  I would like to run, but don’t know that I’m ready to go 2 days in a row.  I don’t want to get an injury.  Been there, done that.


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