Feel the heat!

Yesterday evening I completed Week 1 of Couch25K. Yay me!  I told Brett to go on ahead and run at his pace because I’ve held him back enough.  I got home, stretched, showered, started the water boiling for pasta, etc., etc. before he ever returned.  That boy can run!  Week 1 had the same format all week – run 60 seconds, walk 90.  But I decided to work ahead a little and ran between 90 seconds to 2 minutes each time with not as much walking in between.  That lasted about 2 rounds until my legs felt heavy and I was tired, tired I tell you!  It was so hot, too.  HOT!  I keep saying I’m going to go around the neighborhood a third time for 3 miles, but after I completed the 30 minutes of the program, I was ready to turn toward home as usual.  This time I stopped the imapmyrun app at the same time as Couch25K ended and the stats were 2.17 miles in 30:28 minutes.  Not bad.

For supper we had another recipe for Gina’s page – Easy Garden Tomato Sauce. We forgot to get fresh oregano, so we had to use leafy oregano from the spice cabinet.  We also forgot to cut the tomatoes in half before throwing in to cook, so Brett grabbed the potato masher and squashed them.  I think I’d probably do it this way next time too – it was quick.

Here is the line-up: garlic, oregano, tomatoes, crushed red pepper and olive oil.

I added way more red pepper than it called for because I know Brett likes heat and it was hot! Woo! But Brett really liked it.

Here are the tomatoes, pre-smash.

Here they are post-smash, simmering away.  J-j-juicy!

Ta-da!  Yes, we ate the whole thing of sauce. We topped some whole wheat linguini (Brett’s choice) with the sauce and chowed down.  Brett’s greenery made an appearance again – hey parsley! This sauce tasted fresh and delicious.  Brett said “staple!!” because he wants it again soon (and often).  I could probably have this every week myself, but I’m trying to break the supper routine!!

Today is a rest day from running and we’re headed to a new place (old really, but new to us) called Luigi’s tonight for some ‘za!  I’ll post a pic or 2 of its deliciousness tomorrow.


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