Breakfast & more za!

2 posts in one day!! Saturday, we headed out to run around 7:30 a.m.  We were eager to get back out there after 2 days off.  I was on Day 1 of Week 2 of Couch25K.  I used the Runkeeper app this time and I completed 2.91 miles in 42:28.  My time for the actual couch25k program was 2.14 miles in 30 minutes.  After that I added another half loop around the neighborhood and walked a lot of it.  Runkeeper actually keeps track of your splits, so mile 1 was 14:31, mile 2 was 14:14 and mile 3 (which wasn’t a complete mile) was 15:08.   It felt good to be out in 85 degree weather rather than 107F which it climbed to later in the day.  Ugh.

Afterward, I told Brett I was hongry!   We rolled out to Supper ‘n Punch.  We like to go there because you can get other foods besides breakfast.  Brett had a fried chicken sandwich with fries (which we shared).

Yes, that’s a Schlitz.  It was after 10 a.m.! 🙂

I ordered the breakfast sandwich.  It consists of bacon, cheese, egg and guacamole.  Mmmm!

Look at Brett in the background going for his sandwich!  That is a mimosa in my glass.  $2 mimosas on Saturdays!

Saturday turned into a day of glutton.  Since we had the slooow pizza service on Thursday, we decided to try another place.  Ok, that’s just an excuse.  Brett has been craving pizza lately and I don’t usually say no to pizza, so I was up for it.  We went to Romano’s, which is in a strip mall between Marshall’s & TJ Maxx.  We’ve walked past it several times, but always pass it up because…it’s in a strip mall.  Bad us!! This pizza topped Luigi’s.  It was deeeelish!  We both had a St. Arnold’s Amber beer with our ‘za.  Brett’s hand is in the shot again.  He was ready to pounce!


After all this food, we couldn’t take a rest day Sunday, so we went out for a run.  I will post an update on that tomorrow, along with Sunday’s and Monday’s foods.  I’m so behind!


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