2 days running, 3 days eating…

Today I have 2 days of running updates and 3 days of food updates.  Let’s get to it!

Sunday’s run was a bit slower because I had gone Saturday and didn’t take a rest day.  I’ve come to learn that rest days help.  The run went well though and I did the extra half-loop through the neighborhood after my Couch25K app ended.  I ended 2.89 miles in 42:54 with split times of mile 1 = 15:14, mile 2 = 14:26 (woo!) and mile 3 (not a complete mile) = 14:51.

I had eaten a few bites of some oatmeal before the run and I wasn’t too hungry when we returned but about 30 minutes later I got so  hungry, I thought I would be sick, so I ate some chips & buffalo dip – I needed something…stat!  Afterward we went to get groceries, and decided to cook a beer can chicken on the grill (we do this a lot on Sundays).  I forgot to take a picture of the chicken on the grill and also of it whole after we brought it in.  This is half of it.

I whipped up some Spanish rice from a box.  Nothing phenomenal there, so I didn’t take a picture.  But I did get a picture of a breast, skin removed, which is how I like mine.  I also snapped a pic of the breast with rice.  After this picture, the breast was quickly chopped up and stirred around in the rice.

Brett thought my plate was boring, so he told me to take a pic of his.

That was all we had Sunday, along with some cheeses and beer as snacks later.

Monday was a rest day after 2 days of running.  We had salmon with a honey-balsamic glaze, roasted Brussels sprouts and risotto for supper.  The risotto was nothing spectacular.  I had a box I bought at Target ages ago and it would expire in December, so I just threw it together.

For the salmon, we just salt & pepper those babies.  Same for the sprouts after tossing in EVOO.

Sorry for the dark photos lately.  One of the lights in the kitchen has gone out and we have yet to replace the bulb.

Here are the salmon simmering away.

For the glaze, we use 2 tbsp honey & 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar.  Remove the salmon and throw those 2 ingredients in and let it do it’s thing for a minute or 2, until it starts to thicken.

Meanwhile the sprouts should be in the oven roasting away in a 450 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes.  This is the most delish way to eat sprouts – they almost taste like salty chips!  Top the salmon with the glaze, and the sprouts as well if you want.

As Nadia G would say on Bitchin’ Kitchen, “Let’s plate this dish!!”

Like I said, the risotto was nothing spectacular.  But, I ate it all because honestly, the salmon wasn’t doing it for me.  We usually love this dish, but we got a different type of salmon this time and it was just…meh.  The sprouts were even a little hard.  I think because I had the oven at 425.

Moving on!  Tuesday was Week 2, Day 3 of Couch25K.  Instead of walking 90 seconds, and running 90 seconds. I walked 1 minute and ran 2 minutes for the first 3 rounds.  I had to calm down a bit after that as I was pushing too hard.  Today was the first day my lungs felt like they were getting better and I was able to control my breathing better.  I had the thought for the first time that I WILL be able to run 25 straight minutes at the end of this program.   I have some pain in my left leg today above my ankle. Grr!  Today will be a rest day.  I finished the Couch25K app at 2.07 miles with a time of 30:38.  Here are my splits from yesterday.  2.86 miles in 41:16, mile 1 = 14:51, mile 2 = 14:16 and mile 3 (not a complete mile) = 14:06.  When I was nearing home I saw 38 minutes on the clock and I wanted to beat my time from the day before (no idea why I do this to myself), so I kicked into high gear and ran all the way home because I thought I only had 4 minutes.  Felt good though!

Last night we made Rachael Ray’s recipe, End of Summer Penne alla Norma.  I will definitely be making this again!! Mmmm


Heat the olive oil and then add the garlic.  I’m inserting a picture of this because this skillet is nicer than the other one I usually use. Haha!

After 3 minutes, crank up the heat to medium-high and add the tomatoes and eggplant.

Beautiful, isn’t it?  Stir that around and add a little salt & pepper.  Then cover tightly for 12 minutes until the tomatoes burst.  Toss in the pasta and some torn basil leaves and you get this beauty…

While the tomatoes and eggplant mixture was simmering, we combined 2 cups of ricotta cheese with a some finely chopped mint leaves. The mint wasn’t pictured with the ingredients above because it was looking dead, but Brett managed to salvage some.

And here is the lovely dish in final form before I devoured it.  This was sooo sooo good and EASY to make. Brett loved it.  He had some leftovers for breakfast this morning and we still have a lot left.

Whew, that was a big post!  Tonight I’m resting from running and am cooking chicken fettuccine alfredo.


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