San Antonio – Part 1

On Friday evening we headed to San Antonio, TX.  We arrived around 10pm.  On the way there, we ran into a traffic jam – we went 40 miles in 1 hour.  The only thing that we can think caused the jam was the lanes went from 3 down to 2 at a particular spot.  Annoying!  This was our third stay at the Emily Morgan hotel, which is adjacent to the Alamo.  The other 2 times we got a room overlooking the pool, which was under construction  (both times) – worst view ever.  This time I asked if we could overlook something else and the guy behind the counter told me they only had one King room left, but if we had gotten there a few hours earlier, we would have had choices – of course.  The room was on the 2nd floor and a corner room, so we had 2 views.  When we went to eat later, I stopped to tell him the room was fine and we were happy that it was a corner room, to which he replied, “yeah I put you in the corner. I thought you would like it.”  Huh?  How could you put us in a corner room if it was the LAST King available.  We put ourselves there, no?  Anyway, moving on.  The hotel is supposedly haunted because it used to be a hospital.  Nothing scary happened to us except for the head of the bed being across from the door, so there was light blaring in my face all night from under and around the door.  I finally woke up and put a towel on the floor to at least cover the light underneath.  Also, it was hot in the room when we arrived, so Brett turned the air conditioner fan to “on” instead of auto.  It made a horrible humming sound until I finally changed it to auto.  Also, the bed was awesome at first, but I kept rolling to one side, so I had to surround myself with 2 big pillows.  I tossed and turned.  These are a view pix of the room.

The first night, almost everything was closed.  We had had no supper and were very hungry – it was 11pm.  So, the only place to go was the dreaded Riverwalk.  I hate that tourist trap.  We had a mediocre supper of chicken quesadilla (me) and chalupas (Brett).  No pictures – I forgot, plus it just wasn’t worth it.  Brett made the comment that plain chicken with no seasoning has a taste, beef with no seasoning has a taste, cheese has a taste – but this food on the Riverwalk has no taste at all – it’s as if they suck the taste out the food before serving it.  I agree.

The next morning we went downstairs to our hotel restaurant, Oro, for breakfast.  I ordered the All-American, which is Buffalo sausage, 2 eggs and black beans, plus a local tortilla – I thought it being local was cool (not really).  I received this plate – it’s a little dirty because I almost started eating without snapping a pic. Whoops!

That is definitely not Buffalo sausage – those are Texas links.  The waiter said they must have been out of the Buffalo – really? So you assumed I wanted links? No.  He asked if I wanted bacon instead – yes, please!  I put the eggs, beans & bacon in those tortillas and ate it all up. This dish was pretty yum, especially after the supper we had.

Brett ordered Eggs Benedict.  He enjoyed.  He also had taken a bite of his before I snapped the pic.

We also each ordered a Bloody Mary – we were on vacation after all!  These were pretty delish.

After breakfast, we went up to the room and watched some TV.  We were mostly here to relax and eat; we’ve done the sightseeing thing in San Antone.  Later, we decided to head out to Big Lou’s Pizza.  Big Lou’s has been featured on Man v. Food on the Food Network and boasts huge pizzas – the biggest being a 42″.  Whoa! After a few rounds of the packed parking lot, we finally got a spot and then went to get in line – it wasn’t too, too long because we arrived around 3pm.  We heard the lady behind the counter tell the couple in front of us they could wait 30 minutes for a table or go to the bar.  The bar sounded like a good idea to us, so we asked.  She said there were 2 bars, so we followed the other couple who got the last seat at the bar – yes, one seat, the guy ended up standing.  Darn!  So we turned around and headed the other way where we found the other bar, which had no one seated at it – score!  The bartenders were super nice.  We asked the girl if a 20″ pizza could be served at the bar, and she said yes, “but that’s a lot” – silly girl!  So that’s what we ordered – a 20″ pepperoni ‘za. Mmm!  I also ordered a Murphy’s Stout and Brett ordered a Shock Top.

We ordered another beer and the bartender asked us what size, so I asked for the prices and he said a pitcher of Shock Top was $10.  Really?  We’ll take one!

Check out our ‘za!!

This is what was left of it. Killed it!

After that, we were done for the day.  Time for more TV and relaxation.  Part 2 is comin’ up later.


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