San Antonio, Part 2

I forgot to mention on Saturday we went on a walking adventure for what we thought would be 1 mile, only to find out it was a lot longer than that (thanks Google maps), to a place called Pig Liquor.  Yelp told us they had awesome homemade candles, and we were also in the market for some rum.  After walking in 102 degree temp for what had to have been 2 miles (which feels like 100 miles in jeans and the heat), we arrived to find out they were closed.  Yep, closed.  There was a little Mexican restaurant open across the street, so I went in and bought us 2 Mexican Cokes – that’s a Coke made with real sugar.  That pepped us up a little for the dreaded walk back.   With that said, Sunday we woke up and I didn’t want hotel breakfast again, so we ventured out to Schilo’s, a German delicatessen we ate at last time we were in town.  Of course, Schilo’s is closed on Sunday…NEXT!  We looked at our immediate options because I was NOT walking to any other place a long distance away only to find it would be closed.  We had McDonald’s – no, Subway – no.  So where did we end up again…?  The damn Riverwalk.  It’s like you are sucked in.  That place really sucks! Sucks people in…sucks flavor out of food.  We stopped at the first place we came to which had a little bit of everything.  I ordered scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits & gravy.  Did not take a pic – again, not worth it.  Brett ordered Huevos Rancheros.  Gross, just gross.  Here is a picture of a boat on the Riverwalk.

We walked back to the  hotel in disgust and then planned our trip to FreeTail Brewering Co. We arrived around 3:30pm and were ready for some good brew and food.  The website shows a picture of a windmill with the sunset behind it and a coworker told me he heard you sit out on a big patio, drink beer and stare at the hill country.  Well, now there are a bunch of ticky-tackys littering the hillside.

Just check out all those homes just alike stacked on the “hill” in rows.  We checked out the beer menu first.

We first shared a sampler.  Our choices were La Rubia (Blonde Ale), Freetail Ale (Amber), Hopothesis E (Experimental IPA), Broken Honeymoon (Honey Pale Ale), and O’Henry’s Porter.

They were out of Sa-Weeet IPA and Bat Outta Helles (Brett really wanted to try this one).  My favorite was the Hop-E IPA.  I do love an IPA.  I ordered a glass of that and later a La Rubia.  Definitely preferred the Hop-E.  Brett ordered the La Rubia first and then switched to Hop-E.

We also ordered some food.  First, we settled on an appetizer of spinach & artichoke dip.  I never order this.  Actually I  hardly order appetizers, but breakfast was so tasteless, I wanted something NOW.  It didn’t have tons of taste, but I dug it – better than the Riverwalk food.  And the salsa that came with wasn’t bad either.

But, that’s not all!! You know what else we ordered…yes, you do…pizza!  We did actually try to decide on something else – sandwiches or pasta, but nothing seemed too appealing – only ‘za!  And of course, what else, but pepperoni. Mmm!  They had a stone oven.  The pizza was cooked almost perfectly – I like mine a little more crunchy on the bottom, but it still hit the spot.

Before we left, we saw that growlers were $2 off on Sundays.  We thought it would be a good idea to buy one, along with 2 glasses so we could enjoy in the room later while chillin’ and watchin’ TV.  We opted for the Hop-E growler.

Ain’t it purty?  We stopped at a store on the way to the hotel and put that baby on ice.

Later, after a mighty rest, we decided to pop open the growler.  Mmm!  We perked up and decided it was our last night in town, so we better make the most of it.  Where to? The hotel bar!  Good choice.  I ordered a Maker’s and coke.  Brett, the same.  I wore my big plastic glasses for fun – they later broke. Darn!

Here I am sipping my drink.

Later we ventured out onto the streets of SA.  Can’t publish this post without a couple pix of the Alamo, yo!

Yes, one of those pix was taken during the day, not on our night outing.  We were going to go to Ripley’s, a wax museum, etc. but decided against paying $25 each.  We walked through the streets and passed some bars…and kept on walking -they didn’t look inviting.  But we had a good time just walking around and taking pix.  I will end this post with a few more pix of the hotel.  Monday morning we decided not to go anywhere for fear that nothing would be open but the Riverwalk.  We ate a slice of leftover ‘za and packed our stuff and got outta town.  We had to get home and get groceries, wash a load of clothes, etc.  – you know, the things you dread after a vacay.  We had an excellent time and I’m glad we went!!

I took this picture from our window.

That’s our hotel in the back rising up by the Alamo.

Here’s Brett on the street checking his phone.

Awning of our hotel – Emily Morgan – THE Yellow Rose of Texas.

I’ll be back with an update from Monday’s supper and also Tuesday’s supper & run.


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