Steaks &Tates

Monday we arrived home around 1:30pm.  Love getting home early from vacay!  I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open though.  We went to get groceries and were going to just go grab something to eat, but steaks were on sale so we decided to grill instead.  These bad boys were $6.34 each.

Seasoned with Tex-Joy.  That seasoning is yum!  Then Brett threw them on the grill while I microwaved our “baked” potatoes.  I snapped a picture of my plate with nothing on my potato (oh, I added the works), and Brett said his looked better, so I took a pic of his, too.

My steak was a little tough.  It was cooked fine; it’s just that the steaks on sale just don’t taste like the ones behind the counter.  I ate a few bites and let Brett have the rest (which is what I normally do anyway b/c I’m not a big steak eater).  I did finish my potato (minus the skin) though.

Ok, we are now caught up to Tuesday’s update.  Tuesday night we didn’t really have an exciting dish, but we do really love this dish.  Brett’s mom made chicken for us one night when she was in town and it was so simple, we started making it ourselves all the time.  I bought a 3-pack of chicken breasts and trimmed the fat.  Then I put them in a Pyrex dish and topped them with Kroger brand Lite Zesty Italian dressing.  I let them marinate in the fridge while Brett and I went for our run.  After we returned, I cranked the oven to 425F and popped them in for 20 minutes while I took a shower.  After my shower, I rushed to slice some Brussels sprouts in half and I also cut the stem off.  Sometimes I roast them whole, but last time they were tough, so I did the extra work this time around.  By the time the chicken was finished with it’s first 20 minutes, I had the sprouts prepared (doused in oil, kosher salt & black pepper).  I turned the chicken over and put the sprouts in, too.  I should have pulled the chicken out after 15 minutes but I let them go 20 more minutes.  The sprouts were divine this time.  Mmmm! And the chicken was good, but Brett’s 2 breasts were tender and mine seemed a little tough.  Like I said, less cooking time I think.  It had been a while since I made this dish, so I forgot the exact time.

This picture looks a little plain and maybe unappetizing, but that chicken is so good seasoned with the dressing, and it smells so good when it’s cooking, too.  And, I think I’ve talked up sprouts cooked this way enough.  Yums!

On to my run update!!  Tuesday, my stomach was upset and I didn’t feel too great, but I HAD to run after so many days off.  It was W3D2 and I knew I had 2 different 3-minute straight runs and I was worried.  It begins with a 90 second run after the 5 minute warm-up walk.  My side was killin’ me after the 90 second run.  I figured I was in trouble since a 90 second walk was upcoming, followed by the first 3 minute run.  When the lady told me to begin the 3 minute run, my side was still hurting, but I just started running and ignored it.  The pain finally subsided because there were too many other things to worry about than my side.  When the lady said to walk, I was “woooooo I did it”ing! 🙂  But then I had another 3 minute run upcoming.  Killed it!  I felt like I was going really slow, but apparently I wasn’t when I later looked at my time splits.  My breathing really bothered me – it was as if my lungs and nose were so clear that when I breathed in, my gums & teeth hurt.  Can’t really describe the feeling.  I didn’t want to run anymore after the last 3 minute stretch, but I continued around my usual trek and I told myself I would go home, but I kept going and did the extra half-loop (not whole loop) so I wouldn’t be disappointed in myself.  By the time I made it home, I wanted to keep going, but the house was RIGHT THERE, so I stopped.

My stats were: 2.86 miles in 41:43.  Mile 1 = 14:49; Mile 2 = 14:30 and Mile 3 (not a complete mile) = 14:22.  Not bad for wanting to vomit the whole time!!

It is now Wednesday and I need to run again today.  My stomach is still bothering me, but tomorrow needs to be a rest day because it’s kick-off Thursday! I have my fantasy team ready and I’m ready to win – again!! Yes, I won in my league last year.  We’re grilling hamburgers – nothing spesh.  I wasn’t feeling too creative when I made the grocery list this week because I was tired after vacay.  Whoops.  For instance, tonight we are making pasta with store-bought sauce and a side of Caesar salad.  And you know Friday night is taco night! So the rest of the week probably won’t have any exciting updates food-wise, but I will take a pic of the pasta…and will post stats from my run.


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