Simple ol’ pasta & week 3 complete!

Yesterday evening we headed out to run.  I was on W3D3 of Couch25K, which is the last day of Week 3.  Week 3 – ova!  Yesterday’s run was awesome.  I felt a lot better than I did on Tuesday.  My side did hurt after the first 90 second run, but again, after starting up on the 3 minute run, it disappeared.  I hope I can get my breathing under better control.  Week 4 is lots more running and I can’t wait to see if I can do 5 minutes straight!  Apparently I am wrong to think 14:30 is good timing for a mile because I’ve read blogs where the runners says they go 2 miles in 20 minutes.  I’m thinking maybe they aren’t counting the 5 minute warm-up and cool down?  Because 10 minute miles is awesome to be doing in week 4 to me, or I am just ONE SLOW RUNNER.  I’ll have to wait until I actually do Week 4 to judge though I guess…because it IS more running, so maybe I’ll be finishing miles quicker.  Yesterday I did 3.33 miles in 48:10 minutes.  I had a good rhythm going toward the end and I heard “Buuuu!!” from a side street.  It was Brett yelling for me.  So I slowed to a walk for a minute while talking to him and he followed me around the last loop before going home. These were my splits yesterday: Mile 1 = 14:44 (including 5 minute brisk walk warm-up); Mile 2 = 14:18; Mile 3 = 14:19.  I shaved a little time off and thought I did quite well!  Ready for week 4.  Not sure if I will begin Friday evening or Saturday morning.  My calves are killin’ today!

Tonight is football kick-off night!  Got my fantasy team ready.  We’re grilling hamburgers and are going to try a new (to us) beer tonight from Austinbeerworks that a coworker told me about.

Last night was our uneventful night of pasta and Caesar salad.  I almost forgot to take a picture!  I snapped one just as I was about to sit down to eat.  I ate all of the salad.  Leafy romaine, Texas croutons, kalamata olives  (yum!), Ken’s Steakhouse Creamy Caesar and parmesan cheese.  The pasta was just a pound of spaghetti and one jar of Classico Cabernet Marinara sauce.  As I was eating it, I was thinking of how I should have just whipped up some garlic & tomatoes and created a simple sauce. I didn’t eat but maybe half of the pasta.  Wasn’t feeling it – wonder why?!

Looking forward to burgers tonight!


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