Week 4, Day 1 = DONE

Friday, I got home and was ready to make tacos.  I ditched my usual sandwich lunch and went out for a bullrito.  It was huge and filled with chicken, rice, cheese, guacamole and salsa.  Needless to say, I wasn’t very hungry, but it was Friday, so I was ready to chill.  Well, Brett arrives and asks if I’m ready to go.  “Where,” I ask.  To which he replies, “Running!”  I couldn’t argue; I needed to run some of that burrito off.  I did Week 4, Day 1 which involves: 5 minute walking warm-up, 3 minute jog, 1:30 walk, run 5:00, walk 2:30, run 3:00, walk 1:30, run 5:00.   This time I was armed with a podcast in my iPhone from kissmyblackass.org.  It was all Michael Jackson and it was just what I needed to push through those 5 minute intervals.  Woo!  I looked down at my phone on the last 5 minute interval and had 2:30 minutes left – I thought I would pass out!  Ugh! I was trying hard not to look at time remaining.  But, I did it!! I completed day 1!  I ran even more afterwards and came up with this: 2.88 miles in 39.53 – shaved off some time!  Mile 1 = 13:43, Mile 2 = 13:39 and Mile 3 (.88 miles) = 14:17.  Aaand now I’m paying for it.  Calves have hurt all weekend.  Can hardly walk when I get up and move around – have to get warmed up before I can take good steps.  It is now Monday and I was anticipating Day 2 of Week 4 today, but I’m thinking no.  I’m afraid my calves may rip open.  Grr!

Ok, on to food updates.  Thursday night was football kick-off night.  We, of course, decided to grill.  Brett grilled us some hamburgers. We always buy way too much meat for 2 people (sorry!) but Brett does end up eating the leftovers for breakfast, lunch, etc. the next couple of days, so nothing is wasted. I was craving barbecue chips, so that is what we had as a side. And that is all.

Totally forgot we were out of ketchup – bummer!  Mustard and pickle and American cheese on one (minus the ketchup) and mayo & Swiss on the other.  No, I didn’t eat all of that.  And football kick-off night would not have been complete without beer!  I started with a Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA (out of my new Freetail glass).  Not my fave – the beer, not the glass.  Then I had an Austinbeerworks Pearl Snap German Pilsner.  It was alright but I wasn’t really in the mood for such a light beer.  I won’t be drinking this in the near future either.

Friday night was taco night – what else?  Saturday I had some cereal for breakfast and my usual turkey/swiss/tomato/lettuce deli flat sandwich for lunch.  Later in the day I went to a baby shower for an attorney that I worked for for about 6 months.  I was her first assistant – I know she misses me!  I had 2 samosas – a samosa is an Indian food consisting of fried dough stuffed with different ingredients.  I had one that was stuffed with potatoes and some Indian spices. Delish!  And the other one was lamb and spices – also delish!  I really need to look up an Indian restaurant to check out.  I also had a bite or 3 of cake and a big piece of chocolate from a bakery.   Afterward, Brett picked me up and guess what we did.  Went to Romano’s for pizza takeout.  Oh yes, another pizza!   No picture b/c you’ve seen Romano’s before.

Sunday we went and got groceries for the week.  And Sunday afternoon was football time!! So, we grilled.  We bought 3 different types of sausages – jalapeno & cheese (Brett’s fave), andouille and a chicken sausage with artichoke and mozzarella cheese.  I usually like the andouille style, but didn’t really like this one.  The chicken sausage was my fave.  I appreciate that the jalapeno and cheese one is good, but I can’t deal with all that spice, so I don’t eat much of it.

Here are some sausage pix.

For a side, we made pressed potatoes.  I’ve seen a few recipes for these lately, but I used Rachael Ray’s because I was flipping through her magazine and saw it there last.  Click here for the Pressed Potatoes recipe.  We didn’t cook our potatoes long enough because when we pressed them with the glass they just broke apart. These were super easy though and a great side dish.  I love potatoes!!

We just scooped some up with a spoon and put on our plates.  Yum!

All in all we had a very relaxing and restful weekend – the best kind to have!


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