Easy Turkey Chili & a Not So Good Run

We headed out late for our run yesterday.  I felt frustration because I still had to cook supper, wash clothes, etc.  Poor Brett had to work late though and was frustrated himself.  It was HOT at after 7pm – 94 degrees.  The weather definitely has an effect.  I was able to run pretty freely on Friday evening at 85 degrees, but last night was just…bad.  I was on Week 4, Day 2 which is the same as Day 1.  I made it through the first 3, 5 and 3 minute runs, but the last 5 minute run I felt so tired of breathing heavily and my calves were killing me.  During the walking parts I imagined I looked like I was walking with a limp, but I was trying to walk normally.  I had to walk a minute of the last 5 minute interval.  I was upset with myself and I went home as soon as the app ended instead of adding the extra loop, or even the half loop I usually do.  I was DONE!  I did 2.29 miles in 32:15. Mile 1 = 14:00 and Mile 2 = 14:21.  Sigh!  My left calf was killing when I got home. I stretched and stretched, more than I usually do, and Brett rubbed Icy Hot on my calves. The left calf hurts the most today when I press a specific spot.  I’m hoping it’s better by Friday so I can complete Week 4 though.  I get tired of taking so many days off because I’m not doing any other means of exercise at the moment.

I know the title of this post is EASY Turkey Chili, but I figure all chili is easy to make – you just throw a bunch of stuff in a crock pot and let it go, but this was done on the stove top and was easier than normal because it has fewer ingredients than what I’m used to.  This is the next Rachael Ray recipe in this week’s line-up.

Turkey Chili – click for recipe.

Here are the ingredients posing…(not pictured – scallions & cinnamon stick).  I seem to be on a roll (with ham & cheese) leaving out things in the ingredients picture.

Brown 1 lb. of turkey meat and then add in the sliced onion, chopped garlic and spices.

After that cooks down a little, add the can of tomatoes, chickpeas (or garbanzo beans in our case) and water.  Then let it boil until it thickens.  Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier.

I almost forgot to put the cinnamon stick in because I had forgotten to pose it above for the ingredients shot!   Can you spot the cinnamon stick above? Looks kinda EW!  So glad I remembered to toss it in.  It made such a difference.  Gave the chili a sweet, yet savory taste.  Mmm!

Top with scallions and you’re good to go….

…but wait!  There’s more!  I added some sharp cheddar, which made it even better!

I was still burning up after my shower, so chili probably wasn’t the best dish to make in 90 degree weather after a run, but it hit the spot and I really needed something super easy to make because it was so late when I started cooking.  We didn’t eat til 9pm!  No run today – REST!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theresa G.
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 16:44:41

    Looks delish. I’m so proud. 🙂


  2. bananacanrun
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 20:45:00

    Why are you proud? Oh, because when you met me I was living on hamburger helper and deviled ham sandwiches?!


  3. Theresa G.
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 21:02:04

    Yes! That is exactly why! 🙂


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