Week 5, Day 2 recap

Tuesday was Week 5, Day 2 which is 8 minutes of running, 5 minutes walking, 8 minutes running.  Before I left, I tuned into the 80’s station on Pandora.  I clicked through a couple songs and thought it had a good selection.  I paused at Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” so that would be my first song.  Off I went.  I don’t remember the songs that played during my first 8 minute run but they didn’t suck because I ran the whole 8 minutes and felt awesome.  I started feeling good after a couple minutes of walking, so I thought I would start running when there was 1 minute remaining of the walking segment, so I would have a head start and I would be able to end the run section with 1 minute remaining if I wanted.  So I started and “Time After Time” came on the station.  Ugh!! I cannot run to that.  I ran 2 minutes and my mind was just gone; I wasn’t into the run anymore.  I walked for a minute and ran another 2 and was done again.  I hit next so many times on my Pandora app, that of course it said I couldn’t hit next anymore.  During the cooldown portion, I turned on my podcast instead and that kept pausing and wasn’t working correctly.  Even more frustration!  I then turned Pandora to “Today’s Hits” and an upbeat song came on and I was on fire! I ran through some of the cooldown and more after the app ended.  I turned toward home and I had my Runkeeper app on.  I felt like I was flying, so I checked my pace and it was 9:30.  I ran faster and it was 8:50.  Granted, I couldn’t keep that pace up for a long time, but for the run down my street, I did and it felt awesome.  It was weird to get a burst of energy at the end because normally by the end, I’m breathing so heavily I can barely run.

I didn’t start my Runkeeper app this time until I started running, instead of starting it at the beginning because I don’t like factoring in the 5 minute walk at the beginning.  I did 2.3 miles in 31:34.  Splits were Mile 1=13:34 and Mile 2 = 13:59. Still not very fast, but I’ll work on that later.

My next run is a 20 minute run with no stopping.  I probably shouldn’t advance to Day 3 since I didn’t really finish the final 8 minute segment of Day 2, but it’s what I want to do, is it not?? And I want to attempt it just to see how far I can go and I may have to walk a little.  I can always repeat on another day.  I won’t be running Day 3 until Friday so I can recover over the weekend. Ha!

Last night we made Thai Fried Rice, so I’ll post an update on that soon.  I’m now behind 2 meals!! I probably should eat out tonight, so I’m not behind 3 meals. Hmm…



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