Food, run, food…

The other day I posted that we should go out to eat Thursday . . . and we did.  But first…our office had a happy hour – which we don’t usually do.  So, off I went to Amazon Grill for a little over an hour and enjoyed a vodka tonic, some plantain chips with dip (for which they are apparently “famous”) and a tiny chicken empanada.  After the vodka tonic, I was in no mood to cook, I just wanted to go out.  I scooped up Brett from home and we headed to Natachee’s Supper ‘n Punch.  You can see a picture of breakfast we had there on a previous visit by clicking here.  Natachee’s is so cute.

Outside snapshot…

The inside is so charming…and welcoming. Look at that friendly lion!  And here’s a shot of the bar, too.

Speaking of the bar, we each had one of their punches – I had MawMaw’s Mellowrama Punch and Brett had the Sucker Punch.  I’ve gotten their punches before and I have to say, they aren’t my fave.  They are lightly tasty, but I’d rather have a beer.

For supper, I ordered the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and mac ‘n cheese.  I have no idea why because at this point I guess the plantains and empanada had caught up with me – wasn’t really hungry.  I ate about half of mine, but I killed all of that mac – yum!  The chicken fried chicken was a little tough.  I’ve gotten it before and it just fell apart.   Brett ordered the meatloaf with mashed potatoes and chips.  He doesn’t usually like meatloaf but he tried a sandwich here once and it was delish.  He said this was pretty good, too.

After that I went home and probably was in a coma for the rest of the night.  I mean, really?!

Friday night was taco night – yep!

I didn’t run Friday night, so Saturday morning I wanted a good breakfast, so I’d be ready for a late morning run.  We usually just eat cereal or something light because we know the rest of the day will bring FOOD.  We whipped up some sausage patties (note to self: don’t buy Kroger ground sausage – stick with Jimmy Dean or similar) and pierogies.  I didn’t know what a pierogi was until I met Brett, now I can’t get enough.  If you are a Southerner like me, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about them.  Who doesn’t like potato and cheese wrapped in dough?

I sauteed those in some butter AND in the sausage grease – YUM . . . but the sausage? Meh.

Later that morning, we ventured out for a run.  This was to be my Week 5, Day 3 run – the mother of all runs, 20 minutes straight!  I am too fast for my own good; I flew for 10 minutes and then tired out.  I had to walk for a minute, then started back up again. After a couple of minutes I got the worst side stitch I’ve ever experienced.  I thought I would have to sit on the sidewalk it was so bad.  Needless to say, I had to walk…about 2 minutes.  Then I forced myself to run after the side died down a little.  I did end up running most of the final 5 or so minutes.  I was a little mad but still felt accomplished to be able to run 10 minutes straight.  If I could learn to slow my pace in the beginning, that would help.  And can the weather cool off, please? It’s fall!

I did 2.28 miles in 30:12 minutes.  Mile 1 = 13:18, Mile 2 = 13:25.

Later that day, we went to El Real Tex-Mex.  It’s located in an old theater complete with a big projection screen that’s always playing a Western.  I had El Gallo Verde, which is 3 chicken enchiladas covered with salsa verde.  It came with the usual rice and refried beans on the side.  Brett got the mega – Chingo Bling – smoked chicken relleno, chicken enchilada with salsa verde, and a pork tamale.  Oh my gosh was that chicken relleno good!!!! He probably had 3 bites remaining.  The waiter was impressed.  Brett should really enter food eating contests.  I ate about one-third of mine and the waiter suggested warming it in the skillet the next morning with a couple of scrambled eggs stirred in.  Best idea ever!  It was so good next day.  I also had a La Flaca – skinny margarita.  Very nice.  And Brett had a sangria/margarita icy mix drink. He said it was good but really filling.  Here are our delicious dishes. Mine, then Brett’s…

The darling on the far right is the chicken relleno.  Click here to read about chile relleno (if you are a Northerner and don’t know good Mexican food – hehehe) to see what Wikipedia says.

The rest of the day we just chilled and watched movies (oh, we did clean up around the house, too – productive!).  Fantastic day!


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