Serious recap time!

Ok, since I’m so far behind (and I have to catch up or I will obsess about this blog in an unhealthy way), I’m doing a recap post with final dishes pictures only with links to any recipes.  And, I need to add 3 runs.

Monday we made scallops for the first time.  I have read so many great things about scallops.  The store always has scallops (previously frozen) out for purchase EXCEPT for the day we wanted to buy them, so we bought frozen ones.  After defrosting them overnight, I sauteed them and they started leaking out some freaky galactic looking juice.  I had to keep pouring the juice out of the pan. Needless to say, the scallops never browned because of the amount of juice.  Meanwhile, I cooked 13.25 oz of whole wheat spaghetti.  I removed the scallops from the skillet and added a few cloves of chopped garlic and 2 packs of cherry tomatoes to the skillet and put the lid on so they would burst.  Then tossed in the spaghetti with the sauce and a little reserved pasta liquid.  Add the scallops on top and top with however much fresh basil you want.  DID NOT LIKE THIS DISH. Very disappointing.  I would like to give scallops another try, but would prefer at a restaurant, cooked to perfection.

Not even a heaping of parm-regg could save this dish.

Tuesday night we had baked chicken – marinated in Zesty Lite Italian dressing and baked on 400F for 15 minutes and turned, then baked another 15 to 20 minutes.  Roasted Brussels sprouts (yum!) on the side, as well as some instant (shh!) potatoes.

Love this simple dish!

Wednesday we had a Weight Watchers dish – Whole Wheat Chili Macaroni.  We LOVE this dish.  Brett says he could eat it once a week.  In fact, I think we did used to eat it once a week.  It’s THAT good.

This dish is also the easiest dish in the world to make.  Perfect!

Thursday night we had barbecue chicken on the grill with classic macaroni salad.  These are both Weight Watchers recipes.  Delicious!!  We only have a charcoal grill, so sometimes our chicken sticks, but not if you prepare it this way.  Put 8 cups of warm water into a big bowl and drop in 1/2 cups of kosher salt.  Let it sit about 30 minutes or until the water comes down to room temperature.   Then add in some chicken breast pieces and let them brine in the salt water in the refrigerator for an hour.  Coat the chicken in your favorite bbq sauce and grill – about 8 to 10 minutes on each side (on our grill anyway).  Check this link – Classic Macaroni Salad – to make the side dish.  So so very good!

Friday night we didn’t make tacos – GASP!! We decided to go for some pizza at Luigi’s.  Yes, we gave them another chance, and they did not disappoint!! Very, very friendly staff and the pizza was yums!!

Running recap . . .

EDIT:  I forgot to put in Monday’s run.  2.87 miles in 37:52.  Mile 1 = 12:10, Mile 2 = 13:51 and Mile 3 = 13:39.

Wednesday I ran and just wanted to see how well I would do, minus the Couch25K app.  I used the Runkeeper app on my phone to keep up with my pace the whole time.  I ran my first mile tonight!  In 11:43 minutes.  It was 97 degrees out – ugh!  I ran 2.31 miles in 29:55.  Mile 1 = 11:53 (holla!), Mile 2 = 13:56 (boo).

We skipped Friday’s run because it was 97 degrees and we heard a “cold front” was headed our way.  Saturday morning it was in the 60s but by the time we got outside, around 9am, it was 70 degrees – still blissful compared to near 100F.   Saturday I ran 20 minutes straight (so I finally completed Week 5, Day 3 of C25K – woooooo!! I smiled so big when I crossed this point).  I took a little 30 second walk then ran more.  I ran a lot more today and walked less, mostly because the Race for the Cure was going on in the park down the street and runners were parked in our neighborhood and were coming back to their cars – I didn’t want them to see me walking! ;0)  I did 2.83 miles in 37:23.  Mile 1 = 12:29, Mile 2 = 13:35 and Mile 3 = 13:40.  I don’t think the app kept accurate time for me because I was maintaining between 11:30 and 12 mins/mile pace and one time I looked down while running and it said I was at a 18:50 pace.  That is my WALKING pace, not my RUNNING pace, so it thinks I was going slower than I was.  Boo!!  I also compared it to Monday’s run when I walked a lot more than I did today and I didn’t really shave off any time, so that confirms it for me that I didn’t get an accurate reading today.

Will update with weekend foods later.  PHEW!


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