Zucchini and Fennel Chicken Pasta

I found the following recipe on Pinterest (obsessed), and couldn’t wait to try it out.  I will also be trying out other recipes from this blog, Picky Palate, because her recipes look YUM!  In fact, I’m making another one tonight.  I like quick and easy now and then, who doesn’t?, and this recipe was definitely that.  I had it ready before Brett got home around 6:30 (and it had been ready for a while).

Zucchini and Fennel Chicken Penne Gratin (click for recipe).


Notice the fennel propped up on the olive oil.  This was my first time cooking with fennel.  I’ve been wanting to, just never have found the right recipe.  I also didn’t have the Lawry’s garlic salt called for in the recipe; instead, I just used my trusty McCormick’s garlic powder.  That is probably almost 3 lbs of chicken pictured, but I froze a breast for a later meal.  I just used 2 breasts.

First, simmer the zucchini and fennel in 2 tbsp of olive oil for about 5 minutes, then add in your chicken pieces and garlic and simmer  until chicken is browned or cooked through.

Then add in the Prego to the pot. You’re supposed to also add the pasta, but my pot wasn’t big enough, so I drained the pasta and put it in the 9×13 casserole dish, then dumped the mixture on top and stirred to mix.  I then covered it and left it on the counter a little while until Brett got home.  The recipe says to top with cheese and melt under the broiler.  I’ve had bad experiences with the broiler, so I put the oven on 400F and when Brett got there, I popped the casserole in for about 8 minutes, then topped with cheese and then popped it back in the oven until the cheese melted, maybe 5 minutes.  This was a lot of cheese!! I almost didn’t put as much as it called for, but there wasn’t much left in the bag, so I figured may as well pour it on.  Next time though – cutting the cheese at least by a half cup.

Just look at this cheesy goodness!

And here is my (first) plate – yes, I went back for seconds.  I loved the flavors of this dish! Mmm, mmm!

I was happy to have an early supper for once.  The rest of the night we just chilled and watched Monday night football.  Tonight we will definitely be back out there running.  I took yesterday off to rest the leg one more day and also because I had a frustrating work day and wasn’t into it.  I hope my run goes better today.  I’ve been pretty discouraged lately because I don’t see lots of improvement on my time.  I don’t think people shave off a minute per mile each run, but I feel like I should not be running near 13 minute miles.  I guess I’m pushing too hard my first mile, but that’s only a 12 minute (or 11:53) minute mile, so it doesn’t seem like I’m pushing THAT hard on mile 1 but when I know the one mile marker is coming, I almost fall down I’m so tired.  It has to be mental because I usually rest after mile 1, so my body just wants to do that every time now.  And after I get into mile 2, I get into a rhythm and don’t need to stop as much, but I’m still not fast and I still get winded.

Here’s to a good run today!


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