Weekend update and (non) running

Saturday morning we had nothing substantial to eat in the house, which is normal for the weekend.  Need to work on that.  So, we had some cereal, then went out for a run.  Will update on running at the bottom of this post.  After that, midday we went to redeem our Groupon at Berryhill’s.  I love their fish tacos – and fish tacos aren’t normally something I would go for, but the sauce, the red cabbage, the fish, mmm!  I got a combo meal since we needed to spend more than usual because of the groupon.  I ended up with a corn enchilada (another thing I wouldn’t normally order), fish taco, rice and refried beans.  Brett ordered a combo as well and got 2 chimichangas, rice and charro beans.  I didn’t eat all of my corn enchilada, too creamy! but our meals were excellent.


Afterward we swung by Spec’s on the way home to pick up some ginger beer to go with our bourbon, as well as a couple different cheeses and some prosciutto.  Figured that would be supper since we had a heavy lunch.   Well, we couldn’t get to our usual ginger beer because Ice-T and Coco were in town promoting Original Gangster brandy!  Well, I never!  Brett said maybe he could reach through the aisle from the other side.  Luckily, while on that aisle we noticed more ginger beer.  It was a different kind and ginger was settled on the bottom of the bottles – looked good to me.  This is one of the 2 pictures Brett got of Ice-T and Coco over the tops of bottles.  “Why am I doing this?” he asked.  No idea besides “everyone else is doing it!”

Saturday evening we enjoyed our Spec’s purchases and also carved another pumpkin.  It had a ton of seeds, which we roasted of course, but we didn’t eat very many of them after hogging down our weight in cheese.

We tried to model our pumpkin after the one from the opening credits of “Halloween.” Best.Scary.Movie.Ever.


Ok, running update.  The reason I put “non” in the title is because Saturday we ran and it is now Wednesday and we haven’t run since.  We did do some strength training on Monday, so we haven’t been completely idle, but I just wanted a little break – and Brett was up for that, too.  My left leg has really bothered me the last few runs.  By the time I reach mile 2, a pain is throbbing from my ankle to my hip bone.  I ice my ankle and my knee when I get home, but I just haven’t wanted to run over 2 miles the past couple of runs because I don’t want to injure myself.  I enjoy running for the cardio and need to stop treating it as a race to the finish line.  Speaking of the finish line, I don’t know that I’ll be crossing it at the 5K I registered for on October 29th.  It is a week and a half away and running 2 miles is not going to cut it.  I would want to finish in 35 minutes or under and right now it would be more like 40, which is still good for a beginner, but not this beginner.  I just don’t feel ready and I’m accepting that – it’s hard for me to quit things or not follow through.  I’m really hard on myself when it comes to that.  BUT it’s my life and if I’m not ready for a race yet, I’m not ready.  There.  I won’t run a 5K competitively until I’ve run (no walking involved) a 5K around my neighborhood.

My Thursday run went well, too.  Here are my times for Thursday and Saturday.

10/13/11: 2 miles in 25:28; Mile 1 = 12:23, Mile 2 = 13:02.

10/15/11: 2 miles in 24:52; Mile 1 – 11:50, Mile 2 = 13:00.

Sunday was pretty relaxing.  We watched football, after Brett did some yard work, and grilled a whole chicken and made tacos out of that again.  Forgot to take pictures this time around, whoops.  It is an easy Sunday meal and we like that it takes a while for the chicken to grill, so there is beer chillin’ time while waiting.  I also made the cilantro-lime rice again.  I didn’t plan to, but then I remembered how good it was and I happened to have all the ingredients.  I like that feeling – having all the ingredients for an  unplanned dish – makes me feel like an adult.

Back for Monday & Tuesday night meal updates later!


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