Happy birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday.  I LOVE Halloween and not just because it’s my birthday, but hello, bonus!  I always got to go ask people for candy on my birthday and there was always a party.

Since Brett and I have moved around a few times, we don’t have a group of friends here, but luckily, we are each others’ best friends, so it doesn’t hinder us from making fun out of all situations.  We will probably dress up and walk the streets tonight (ha!) or scare trick-or-treaters.  I’m dressing in the same costume as last year – b/c it was a good one AND it was more $$ than I normally spend on a costume.  Brett’s costume was also awesome, so he’s recycling, too.

Here we are last year!

Isn’t Brett spooky?  Love me some Michael Myers!

And here’s a random picture of me with our glittery skeleton, whom we named Glit Skel. So creative!

On Friday we (Brett) carved our final 2 pumpkins.  Yeah, they are kind of alike.  We had bought one to do last weekend and didn’t feel like it, then we saw a giant one this weekend we just HAD to have, so we had 2.

Tonight we are going to get some Pink’s Pizza (yay for pizza again!)  and probably watch Halloween (again – for the last time this year).  Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!


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