Turkey chili and nothing much

I haven’t updated recently because there is nothing much to update.  I didn’t take any pictures of foods last week because we ate some repeats.  I had a very happy birthday, but didn’t take but one picture that night after I painted my face green and my eyes black and resembled a zombie – I’ll spare you the photo.

I also haven’t exercised since last Tuesday – GULP!  I will be doing 30 Day Shred today – must get back to it!  Yesterday we had another repeat meal, Ground Beef Stroganoff – love that dish!  Tonight we are having baked chicken, potatoes and roasted cabbage.  I have never roasted cabbage and I love it boiled with some oil, salt & pepper added to the water.  That’s the way my great-grandmother made it.  So, that’s something new! I will update on how that turns out later this week when I post the new dishes we’re trying out.

One thing I did make recently on Sunday (10/30) was Hungry Girl’s 10 Alarm Turkey Chili.  I’ve made it once before and mmmm, this meal doesn’t disappoint.  We ate it over Fritos (yeah, we did) and topped with shredded cheddar.  I was looking through my phone and realized I didn’t get a picture of the final dish.  Woe is me.  Definitely worth trying!

Hungry Girl’s 10 Alarm Turkey Chili (click for recipe)

Wish I had a final picture! I had every intention of taking a final picture after I added the peppers and tomato sauce.  What was I thinking (or not thinking)?  This chili is hot to me – those peppers in adobo sauce don’t play – but Brett thought it was perfectly spicy.  I’m a little wimpier with spices.




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