Lundi, lundi

Whew! Monday is over.  No special food reports for the weekend.  Brett and I stuffed our faces with Chinese food Saturday.  We hadn’t had Chinese in sooo long, and I had to talk Brett into it (wasn’t THAT hard).  And, Sunday we grilled yummy hamburgers.  Oh, I did make Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip as an appetizer.  Psst! I used canned chicken. Football Sundays = grillin’ and chillin’.

Tonight we had a repeat meal – Whole Wheat Chili Macaroni (click for past post).  I just realized that this recipe was part of a recap post, meaning I just posted the final picture instead of all the pictures.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll update that next time we have it.  Because we will have it again…deeelish!

Saturday I also did the 30 Day Shred, only this time I upped it to Level 2.  Wow!  I’ve read other blogs where they were cursing her because the moves were crazy . . . I agree in a way, but to me the moves were crazy in a good way.  It felt really good.  After holding plank position for so many different exercises, I have to admit I thought my shoulders would explode.  I did yell a few choice words on the last exercise, but it was all good.  No pain, no gain!  And there was definitely pain yesterday.

Today after work I went downstairs and ran on the treadmill. I set it to 5K and at about 2.3 miles I wondered if I should have just set it to manual because my left calf was killing me.  I finished though.  Had to walk a few times throughout the run and finished the 3.1 miles in 40:39.  Blah.  I need to warm-up a little before starting the program, so I can start running as soon as the program starts instead of walking part of the first mile.  I think I’ll continue to treadmill it and take a picture of my stats, like this:


Bring on Tuesday!


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