Excuses, excuses…

Yes, it appears I have completely abandoned my blog.  I blame law school.  Every weekend I say I’ll update with a little something, then I begin my reading assignments and then it’s suddenly 9pm and I’m ready for bed.  Law school is A LOT and I’m only a few weeks in.  We were just assigned our first memo and this Saturday we begin having review sessions that last a few hours, so now I’ll have even less time.

Not that there have been any interesting eats.  Brett and I have been eating pretty much the same thing every week.  He now cooks, not me.  If it weren’t for him, I’d probably eat cereal every night…because there really is no time.  We eat a lot of Zatarain’s (see, I told you, nothing interesting).

I hope to update sporadically, so I can remember how I felt on certain days of my law school experience.  And, this summer there will be good foods to blog about!  It is 6:30 in the morning and I decided not to review before I go to school today, so this is the only few moments I have to type this update. (I know, so sad…woe is me).

I shall return! Enjoy your free time 🙂