About Banana

Name’s Amanda.  Growing up my brothers couldn’t say Amanda, so they called me Banana, hence the name of the blog…oh, and I think I can run, ok I know I can, so there’s the rest of the name.

I have a wonderful fiance named Brett whom I met when I lived in Atlanta for 6 years.  I then moved with him to his home area of Pittsburgh, PA (he’s actually from Connellsville, PA) and hated it! I’m not one for cold weather, so we chose the hottest place on earth (I think so anyway) Houston, TX and relocated…once again. I’m originally from Mississippi.  Holla!

I’ve always exercised, but I get stuck in routines easily – creature of habit.  I eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday – yes, really.  Most recently I was doing 2 different DVDs, which got old, so I switched to Zumba for Wii, which got old (really fun, but everyday? zzz), so I decided to take up running again and off I go…Couch25K.  I created this blog to track my progress, as well as my after work food intake, which is a bit more exciting than my breakfast and lunch…ya heard!


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