Excuses, excuses…

Yes, it appears I have completely abandoned my blog.  I blame law school.  Every weekend I say I’ll update with a little something, then I begin my reading assignments and then it’s suddenly 9pm and I’m ready for bed.  Law school is A LOT and I’m only a few weeks in.  We were just assigned our first memo and this Saturday we begin having review sessions that last a few hours, so now I’ll have even less time.

Not that there have been any interesting eats.  Brett and I have been eating pretty much the same thing every week.  He now cooks, not me.  If it weren’t for him, I’d probably eat cereal every night…because there really is no time.  We eat a lot of Zatarain’s (see, I told you, nothing interesting).

I hope to update sporadically, so I can remember how I felt on certain days of my law school experience.  And, this summer there will be good foods to blog about!  It is 6:30 in the morning and I decided not to review before I go to school today, so this is the only few moments I have to type this update. (I know, so sad…woe is me).

I shall return! Enjoy your free time 🙂


Easy Turkey Chili & a Not So Good Run

We headed out late for our run yesterday.  I felt frustration because I still had to cook supper, wash clothes, etc.  Poor Brett had to work late though and was frustrated himself.  It was HOT at after 7pm – 94 degrees.  The weather definitely has an effect.  I was able to run pretty freely on Friday evening at 85 degrees, but last night was just…bad.  I was on Week 4, Day 2 which is the same as Day 1.  I made it through the first 3, 5 and 3 minute runs, but the last 5 minute run I felt so tired of breathing heavily and my calves were killing me.  During the walking parts I imagined I looked like I was walking with a limp, but I was trying to walk normally.  I had to walk a minute of the last 5 minute interval.  I was upset with myself and I went home as soon as the app ended instead of adding the extra loop, or even the half loop I usually do.  I was DONE!  I did 2.29 miles in 32:15. Mile 1 = 14:00 and Mile 2 = 14:21.  Sigh!  My left calf was killing when I got home. I stretched and stretched, more than I usually do, and Brett rubbed Icy Hot on my calves. The left calf hurts the most today when I press a specific spot.  I’m hoping it’s better by Friday so I can complete Week 4 though.  I get tired of taking so many days off because I’m not doing any other means of exercise at the moment.

I know the title of this post is EASY Turkey Chili, but I figure all chili is easy to make – you just throw a bunch of stuff in a crock pot and let it go, but this was done on the stove top and was easier than normal because it has fewer ingredients than what I’m used to.  This is the next Rachael Ray recipe in this week’s line-up.

Turkey Chili – click for recipe.

Here are the ingredients posing…(not pictured – scallions & cinnamon stick).  I seem to be on a roll (with ham & cheese) leaving out things in the ingredients picture.

Brown 1 lb. of turkey meat and then add in the sliced onion, chopped garlic and spices.

After that cooks down a little, add the can of tomatoes, chickpeas (or garbanzo beans in our case) and water.  Then let it boil until it thickens.  Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier.

I almost forgot to put the cinnamon stick in because I had forgotten to pose it above for the ingredients shot!   Can you spot the cinnamon stick above? Looks kinda EW!  So glad I remembered to toss it in.  It made such a difference.  Gave the chili a sweet, yet savory taste.  Mmm!

Top with scallions and you’re good to go….

…but wait!  There’s more!  I added some sharp cheddar, which made it even better!

I was still burning up after my shower, so chili probably wasn’t the best dish to make in 90 degree weather after a run, but it hit the spot and I really needed something super easy to make because it was so late when I started cooking.  We didn’t eat til 9pm!  No run today – REST!

Pork & Brussels Sprouts Stir-Fry

Monday afternoon came and I was so tired and my calves still hurt pretty fiercely, so I took another day off to rest.  Better to rest the legs than push and then not be able to run for many more days!  Brett decided not to run either.  We had a pretty good dinner though.  Another recipe from Rachael Ray’s magazine.  The mag was good this month!

Pork & Brussels Sprouts Stir-Fry – click for recipe.

Here are the ingredients posing – not pictured-brown sugar (whoops!).

The recipe only calls for 2 scallions and 2 cloves of garlic, but we used 3 of each.  I started by cutting up and browning the pork in EVOO.  The pork should have been cut smaller.  I thought I was cutting it thin, but I swear it plumped up!

After that, add the Brussels sprouts and more EVOO to the pan (we used a wok) and brown.  Lovely!

Next up, add garlic and the whites of the scallions, then add in the soy sauce, water & brown sugar.  Smellin’ good now!

Our sauce didn’t really thicken that I could tell, but that’s ok because we made some jasmine rice to pour the mixture over and the rice soaked up the juicy sauce nicely.  Toss the pork back in…

Then plate it up!  Top with the greens of the scallions.

I really liked this dish, but I’m a soy sauce lover – and rice and Brussels sprouts lover.  Brett ate a ton of it too, but I don’t think it was a fave.  He didn’t yell, “staple!” after all.

Tonight is a run night for sure.  Week 4, Day 2 – here I come!  Tomorrow’s update will reveal the next Rachael Ray dish in this week’s line-up.

Police on the scene, you know what I mean!

This is not the usual food/run post, but nothing like this happens in our neighborhood, so I had to post about the early a.m. excitement.  Around 2:30 this morning, I heard a loud siren getting closer, so I raised up and punched Brett.  We have elderly people living on either side of us, so I was afraid it was an ambulance for one of them.  But, I was wrong! It was the PO-LICE!  They were pulled into the driveway next to our place.  We hopped up as soon as we heard the sirens and went to the window to look out and the culprit was already in cuffs!  He was apologizing, saying that he thought he lived at that house, so he pulled into the driveway after the cop started following him.

After the policeman put the call out on the radio, 3 more cars showed up.  Two policewomen were in the front yard cackling like hyenas – have some respect, you’re in a neighborhood…in a yard.  Shush!

Turns out the culprit was one of the hippies who lives 2 houses down.  He took a field sobriety test and obviously failed because he was arrested.  I heard him say he got a DUI a year ago.  Just got another one, buddy!

FIVE wreckers also rolled down the street in a parade, one after the other.  It’s amazing when a call comes in how they all rush to the scene.  Wonder how they figure out who actually gets the tow.  Arm wrestle?  The guy who did the towing was pretty big, so it could have something to do with wrestling.

And that was our night.  I stayed up from 2:30 until 4am.  I can’t sleep with that kind of thing going on outside my window.  So, today I am tired.  At least it’s Friday!!  For some reason my knee is killing me today and it started last night after I stood on our wood floor for almost 2 hours.  Sigh.  May have to run Saturday morning instead of this evening.

Steaks &Tates

Monday we arrived home around 1:30pm.  Love getting home early from vacay!  I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open though.  We went to get groceries and were going to just go grab something to eat, but steaks were on sale so we decided to grill instead.  These bad boys were $6.34 each.

Seasoned with Tex-Joy.  That seasoning is yum!  Then Brett threw them on the grill while I microwaved our “baked” potatoes.  I snapped a picture of my plate with nothing on my potato (oh, I added the works), and Brett said his looked better, so I took a pic of his, too.

My steak was a little tough.  It was cooked fine; it’s just that the steaks on sale just don’t taste like the ones behind the counter.  I ate a few bites and let Brett have the rest (which is what I normally do anyway b/c I’m not a big steak eater).  I did finish my potato (minus the skin) though.

Ok, we are now caught up to Tuesday’s update.  Tuesday night we didn’t really have an exciting dish, but we do really love this dish.  Brett’s mom made chicken for us one night when she was in town and it was so simple, we started making it ourselves all the time.  I bought a 3-pack of chicken breasts and trimmed the fat.  Then I put them in a Pyrex dish and topped them with Kroger brand Lite Zesty Italian dressing.  I let them marinate in the fridge while Brett and I went for our run.  After we returned, I cranked the oven to 425F and popped them in for 20 minutes while I took a shower.  After my shower, I rushed to slice some Brussels sprouts in half and I also cut the stem off.  Sometimes I roast them whole, but last time they were tough, so I did the extra work this time around.  By the time the chicken was finished with it’s first 20 minutes, I had the sprouts prepared (doused in oil, kosher salt & black pepper).  I turned the chicken over and put the sprouts in, too.  I should have pulled the chicken out after 15 minutes but I let them go 20 more minutes.  The sprouts were divine this time.  Mmmm! And the chicken was good, but Brett’s 2 breasts were tender and mine seemed a little tough.  Like I said, less cooking time I think.  It had been a while since I made this dish, so I forgot the exact time.

This picture looks a little plain and maybe unappetizing, but that chicken is so good seasoned with the dressing, and it smells so good when it’s cooking, too.  And, I think I’ve talked up sprouts cooked this way enough.  Yums!

On to my run update!!  Tuesday, my stomach was upset and I didn’t feel too great, but I HAD to run after so many days off.  It was W3D2 and I knew I had 2 different 3-minute straight runs and I was worried.  It begins with a 90 second run after the 5 minute warm-up walk.  My side was killin’ me after the 90 second run.  I figured I was in trouble since a 90 second walk was upcoming, followed by the first 3 minute run.  When the lady told me to begin the 3 minute run, my side was still hurting, but I just started running and ignored it.  The pain finally subsided because there were too many other things to worry about than my side.  When the lady said to walk, I was “woooooo I did it”ing! 🙂  But then I had another 3 minute run upcoming.  Killed it!  I felt like I was going really slow, but apparently I wasn’t when I later looked at my time splits.  My breathing really bothered me – it was as if my lungs and nose were so clear that when I breathed in, my gums & teeth hurt.  Can’t really describe the feeling.  I didn’t want to run anymore after the last 3 minute stretch, but I continued around my usual trek and I told myself I would go home, but I kept going and did the extra half-loop (not whole loop) so I wouldn’t be disappointed in myself.  By the time I made it home, I wanted to keep going, but the house was RIGHT THERE, so I stopped.

My stats were: 2.86 miles in 41:43.  Mile 1 = 14:49; Mile 2 = 14:30 and Mile 3 (not a complete mile) = 14:22.  Not bad for wanting to vomit the whole time!!

It is now Wednesday and I need to run again today.  My stomach is still bothering me, but tomorrow needs to be a rest day because it’s kick-off Thursday! I have my fantasy team ready and I’m ready to win – again!! Yes, I won in my league last year.  We’re grilling hamburgers – nothing spesh.  I wasn’t feeling too creative when I made the grocery list this week because I was tired after vacay.  Whoops.  For instance, tonight we are making pasta with store-bought sauce and a side of Caesar salad.  And you know Friday night is taco night! So the rest of the week probably won’t have any exciting updates food-wise, but I will take a pic of the pasta…and will post stats from my run.

San Antonio, Part 2

I forgot to mention on Saturday we went on a walking adventure for what we thought would be 1 mile, only to find out it was a lot longer than that (thanks Google maps), to a place called Pig Liquor.  Yelp told us they had awesome homemade candles, and we were also in the market for some rum.  After walking in 102 degree temp for what had to have been 2 miles (which feels like 100 miles in jeans and the heat), we arrived to find out they were closed.  Yep, closed.  There was a little Mexican restaurant open across the street, so I went in and bought us 2 Mexican Cokes – that’s a Coke made with real sugar.  That pepped us up a little for the dreaded walk back.   With that said, Sunday we woke up and I didn’t want hotel breakfast again, so we ventured out to Schilo’s, a German delicatessen we ate at last time we were in town.  Of course, Schilo’s is closed on Sunday…NEXT!  We looked at our immediate options because I was NOT walking to any other place a long distance away only to find it would be closed.  We had McDonald’s – no, Subway – no.  So where did we end up again…?  The damn Riverwalk.  It’s like you are sucked in.  That place really sucks! Sucks people in…sucks flavor out of food.  We stopped at the first place we came to which had a little bit of everything.  I ordered scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits & gravy.  Did not take a pic – again, not worth it.  Brett ordered Huevos Rancheros.  Gross, just gross.  Here is a picture of a boat on the Riverwalk.

We walked back to the  hotel in disgust and then planned our trip to FreeTail Brewering Co. We arrived around 3:30pm and were ready for some good brew and food.  The website shows a picture of a windmill with the sunset behind it and a coworker told me he heard you sit out on a big patio, drink beer and stare at the hill country.  Well, now there are a bunch of ticky-tackys littering the hillside.

Just check out all those homes just alike stacked on the “hill” in rows.  We checked out the beer menu first.

We first shared a sampler.  Our choices were La Rubia (Blonde Ale), Freetail Ale (Amber), Hopothesis E (Experimental IPA), Broken Honeymoon (Honey Pale Ale), and O’Henry’s Porter.

They were out of Sa-Weeet IPA and Bat Outta Helles (Brett really wanted to try this one).  My favorite was the Hop-E IPA.  I do love an IPA.  I ordered a glass of that and later a La Rubia.  Definitely preferred the Hop-E.  Brett ordered the La Rubia first and then switched to Hop-E.

We also ordered some food.  First, we settled on an appetizer of spinach & artichoke dip.  I never order this.  Actually I  hardly order appetizers, but breakfast was so tasteless, I wanted something NOW.  It didn’t have tons of taste, but I dug it – better than the Riverwalk food.  And the salsa that came with wasn’t bad either.

But, that’s not all!! You know what else we ordered…yes, you do…pizza!  We did actually try to decide on something else – sandwiches or pasta, but nothing seemed too appealing – only ‘za!  And of course, what else, but pepperoni. Mmm!  They had a stone oven.  The pizza was cooked almost perfectly – I like mine a little more crunchy on the bottom, but it still hit the spot.

Before we left, we saw that growlers were $2 off on Sundays.  We thought it would be a good idea to buy one, along with 2 glasses so we could enjoy in the room later while chillin’ and watchin’ TV.  We opted for the Hop-E growler.

Ain’t it purty?  We stopped at a store on the way to the hotel and put that baby on ice.

Later, after a mighty rest, we decided to pop open the growler.  Mmm!  We perked up and decided it was our last night in town, so we better make the most of it.  Where to? The hotel bar!  Good choice.  I ordered a Maker’s and coke.  Brett, the same.  I wore my big plastic glasses for fun – they later broke. Darn!

Here I am sipping my drink.

Later we ventured out onto the streets of SA.  Can’t publish this post without a couple pix of the Alamo, yo!

Yes, one of those pix was taken during the day, not on our night outing.  We were going to go to Ripley’s, a wax museum, etc. but decided against paying $25 each.  We walked through the streets and passed some bars…and kept on walking -they didn’t look inviting.  But we had a good time just walking around and taking pix.  I will end this post with a few more pix of the hotel.  Monday morning we decided not to go anywhere for fear that nothing would be open but the Riverwalk.  We ate a slice of leftover ‘za and packed our stuff and got outta town.  We had to get home and get groceries, wash a load of clothes, etc.  – you know, the things you dread after a vacay.  We had an excellent time and I’m glad we went!!

I took this picture from our window.

That’s our hotel in the back rising up by the Alamo.

Here’s Brett on the street checking his phone.

Awning of our hotel – Emily Morgan – THE Yellow Rose of Texas.

I’ll be back with an update from Monday’s supper and also Tuesday’s supper & run.

Breakfast & more za!

2 posts in one day!! Saturday, we headed out to run around 7:30 a.m.  We were eager to get back out there after 2 days off.  I was on Day 1 of Week 2 of Couch25K.  I used the Runkeeper app this time and I completed 2.91 miles in 42:28.  My time for the actual couch25k program was 2.14 miles in 30 minutes.  After that I added another half loop around the neighborhood and walked a lot of it.  Runkeeper actually keeps track of your splits, so mile 1 was 14:31, mile 2 was 14:14 and mile 3 (which wasn’t a complete mile) was 15:08.   It felt good to be out in 85 degree weather rather than 107F which it climbed to later in the day.  Ugh.

Afterward, I told Brett I was hongry!   We rolled out to Supper ‘n Punch.  We like to go there because you can get other foods besides breakfast.  Brett had a fried chicken sandwich with fries (which we shared).

Yes, that’s a Schlitz.  It was after 10 a.m.! 🙂

I ordered the breakfast sandwich.  It consists of bacon, cheese, egg and guacamole.  Mmmm!

Look at Brett in the background going for his sandwich!  That is a mimosa in my glass.  $2 mimosas on Saturdays!

Saturday turned into a day of glutton.  Since we had the slooow pizza service on Thursday, we decided to try another place.  Ok, that’s just an excuse.  Brett has been craving pizza lately and I don’t usually say no to pizza, so I was up for it.  We went to Romano’s, which is in a strip mall between Marshall’s & TJ Maxx.  We’ve walked past it several times, but always pass it up because…it’s in a strip mall.  Bad us!! This pizza topped Luigi’s.  It was deeeelish!  We both had a St. Arnold’s Amber beer with our ‘za.  Brett’s hand is in the shot again.  He was ready to pounce!


After all this food, we couldn’t take a rest day Sunday, so we went out for a run.  I will post an update on that tomorrow, along with Sunday’s and Monday’s foods.  I’m so behind!