Chili, Chicken and Chicken

We made it back safely and WE’RE MARRIED!  I’ve been busy since we returned.  I went to Social Security to change my name and sent a form to the school to change my name there; I was online for hours ordering all my law school books; and I have dealt with financial aid (which was/is a huge headache).  And that’s just naming a few things.  So, one thing I haven’t been doing too much of is cooking.  This week we had 2 nights of chili and 2 nights of chicken meals and tonight I’m just finding something in the pantry.  Seriously, this evening I just want to stare at the TV, maybe watch a Christmas movie – or 2!  We have managed to watch Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, which was a childhood favorite.

Below are some pictures of this week’s eats.

Rachael Ray’s Steakhouse Chili (click for recipe)

Really simple, easy and delicious.

Honey-Balsamic Glazed Chicken

All I did with this was dab some dried thyme, salt & pepper on the chicken, then put it in the skillet with some EVOO.  Cook it until it is well-browned, then set chicken aside.  Drop in 2 tbsp. each of balsamic vinegar and honey.  Let it bubble up and stir, stir.  This takes 1 to 2 minutes.  It may still appear runny, but it will turn to glaze on the chicken.  This was served with roasted Brussels sprouts (tossed in EVOO, salt & pepper) and instant potatoes – that tasted nothing like instant because I added milk and Gruyere cheese.

Rotisserie Chicken and Vegetables

Wednesday I picked up a rotisserie chicken, which I don’t do often, but think I’ll probably do more often now that I’ll be attending school. Healthy and delicious!  I paired this with roasted zucchini and tomatoes (tossed in EVOO, salt & pepper) and again with more Gruyere potatoes.  I only took a picture of the vegetables because I’m sure you’ve seen a rotisserie chicken breast before, and the potatoes are in the picture above.

Like I said, it has been an uneventful week in food.

I have only worked out once this week, and I probably won’t again until Saturday because when I take a deep breath it feels like someone punched me in my back.  I blame you, Jillian! I did Week 2 of the new DVD I have – Ripped in 30.  It was a big step up from Week 1 – WOW – or maybe it was the fact I haven’t worked out in a week and a half.

I hope to update with our Santa Fe/Taos, NM eats soon because there was some good stuff! We also got a new camera, so the pictures will be a lot better – celebrate! Sadly, this week I still used my iPhone to take these photos because I didn’t feel like breaking out the camera to take one picture a night and have to upload them, blah, blah.

If no update before Christmas, then I hope everyone has a very, merry one!


Thanksgiving Leftovers and a TRIP!

I realize I haven’t updated the recipe for the Tofu Fried Rice.  I’ve been stressed! There are way too many things happening this month – way, way too many.  But the best thing happening is Brett and I are getting married!  We leave tomorrow morning to travel to Taos, New Mexico for a few days, and we’re getting married there on Thursday.  I hope we get some much needed rest and have a good ole time because we deserve it.  On an earlier post, I said I had news to reveal – well, at that time I didn’t know we were getting married, so my news is I got into law school! Finally decided to take the plunge after all these years (I’m talking about school, not marriage).  The stress of dealing with financial aid is enough to make someone jump off a cliff.  The financial aid office personnel has been NO help and actually rather rude.

While we’re away, the landlord is going to steam clean the carpet in one bedroom, the only room with carpet in our apartment.  Great idea, but we had to get EVERYTHING cleaned out of said room, and this room is basically our catch-all, kind of “junk” room.  So, last night Brett and I moved a mattress, box springs, a couch, a chest of drawers and a bunch of other stuff off the floor to various parts of our apartment, so now we have to return from our marriage getaway to a house of misplaced junk and then move it all back.  This is also stressing me OUT.  But we got it all done last night, so I hope tonight I just have to wash clothes and pack, and then we can jet set our way outta here!  Needless to say, I haven’t prepared any amazing meals recently.  But, last week we did have our Thanksgiving leftovers in the form of a pie.

Thanksgiving Leftover Pot Pie

Our leftovers were green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.  I dumped this all into a bowl and stirred it together.  Next time, I will layer instead because the stuffing took over the whole dish.  I added some canned turkey gravy and some store bought rotisserie chicken.  I bought 2 pie crusts and lay them out until they flattened, then I put one in the bottom of a pie dish and topped it with the other.  I baked the pie at 350F for about 35 minutes before I turned the oven up to 400F and baked it another 10 minutes.   We had this with a can of jellied cranberry sauce.  It was delicious!! But like I said, layering would have been better.

Saturday Brett and I did a little shopping for some cold weather attire and then stopped at Guadalajara again.  This time I got enchiladas off the brunch menu – stuffed with chorizo and eggs.  Oh, this was MUCH better than the fish tacos I had last weekend.  I ate both of these enchiladas and I’ve never finished an enchilada dish.

Brett had the same thing as last week, so no picture.

Friday night I did a new Jillian video – Ripped in 30.  I did week 1 which wasn’t very challenging (because I was already doing Level 2 and 3 of the 30 Day Shred).  I did like the video though, so I’m excited to move on.  I think tonight I may do Week 2 – if I’m not completely wiped out.

Sunday I went with Brett to his gym and worked my arms and chest HARD.  So sore.  And I did 1.83 miles on the elliptical burning 150 calories.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did do a little baking on Sunday.  I baked The Pioneer Woman’s The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. (It really is THE BEST). I brought over half to work for a coworker’s birthday, and kept the rest for Brett and me.  This is the best cake ever. NOM!

One last day of work and I’m ready to head out tomorrow morning! There is a winter weather warning for Taos today, but I’m hoping it’s mostly in the mountains.  Maybe we should rent a 4-wheel drive?  I don’t care; I’m ready! 🙂

Fried Rice with Tofu

Tuesday night, Brett was out of town, so I fixed something he doesn’t like to eat.  Well, he likes it but if I make it for both of us, I have to add chicken.

Fried Rice with Tofu from The Six O’Clock Scramble (I will add this recipe later tonight. I don’t have it with me to type up and Google has failed me).


This is an easy one, folks. Place the tofu in a cloth (I used a kitchen wash cloth) and let it dry.  Chop up the green onions.  Then start the rice (I used medium grain white rice).  While the rice is cooking, cut your tofu up into chunks, then brown the chunks in vegetable oil.  I took this picture early – I browned this tofu a lot longer…until really brown.

Remove the tofu from the pot and add more vegetable oil, then drop in the 2 eggs and break them up while they scramble; add green onions.  After a couple of minutes, add in your cooked rice, black pepper, soy sauce and green peas.

Add back in the tofu and you’re done!

I really enjoy this meal.  It seemed a little more plain that the last time I made it.  I just added some more pepper and more soy sauce (which I hate to do, but I need flavor!).  I ate this for supper and then lunch the next day and could have probably had it for supper again, then another lunch or 2…but I grew tired of it after 2 meals.

Before I started this gem, I went downstairs to the gym at work and hopped on the elliptical for 40 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down.  This elliptical was not near as fun as the one at Bally’s.  It has a shorter stride – I  HATE those kind.  It burns my legs and not in a good way.  I was tired throughout and stopped a few times to take sips of water.  I think I’d rather walk fast & try a little running on the treadmill than do this type of elliptical.  It took me 45 minutes to burn 200 calories. Ugh.

You can see my pink shirt (the shirt Brett’s mom got me for my birthday) shining in the elliptical screen.

Wednesday night I ate some canned Minestrone because Brett was still out of town, and enjoyed 2 Pyramid Snow Cap beers (my new fave) while watching The Help. I wanted to see because my mom and grandmother have told me so many stories about how things were in Mississippi then.  It was good, but Brett would have been very bored.

Thursday  night, Brett returned and I made something delicious with our leftover Thanksgiving foods.  Will be in the next update.

Otherwise, there have been no more workouts this week.  I feel one on the horizon tonight (Friday – hate working out on Friday, but must!).