Weekend Update with Mac ‘n Cheese

Turns out Saturday we didn’t go to Bally’s, but we did get important stuff accomplished.  BUT, Sunday we went!  I was there mostly to get some running in while Brett pumped massive iron, but since we were at a gym, I had to try out some machines.  I did a few machines for my chest, back, triceps and biceps.  And I definitely felt it the next day…and the next day (today). Ouch!  As soon as I started running on the treadmill, a pain shot up my left leg.  I knew I wasn’t going very far and ended up having to stop after .5 miles.  I was so upset.  I should probably rename my blog “Banana CAN’T Run.”  Le sigh.  I did move on to the elliptical and did almost 2 miles – Brett was ret to go.  Still burned 142 calories in 1.7 miles, plus probably the 50 or so on the treadmill, so not a bad day.  Still bummed about the running thing though.  At some point, maybe I’ll have someone analyze my gait, but for now…elliptical and Jillian’s Shred are where it’s at.

On to some delicious eats!  While we were out getting important things done on Saturday, we stopped at Guadalajara to eat.  We started with an El Presidente margarita, which is a margarita mixed with brandy.  Oh, it was YUM! Recommended!

I decided to go out on a limb and get fish tacos – fried in a Dos Equis batter, with a side of fiesta rice.

The rice was a little plain to me.  I prefer cilantro rice or Spanish rice.  And the fish tacos were…not great to me.  Everything on the tacos was good, but the fish itself tasted a little fishy – and I don’t like that, so I didn’t eat all of mine.

Brett got carne asada (I think) with a cheese enchilada and Spanish rice.  I’m not a big steak-y eater, but his meal was pretty delish.  I wouldn’t order it for myself, but it tasted better than mine.  And I enjoyed his rice for sure.  Notice his margarita has been sucked dry.

On Sunday, we made some juicy steaks on the grill with a side of mac ‘n cheese.  I never make mac ‘n cheese and I don’t know why…because I love it so much.  When I stumbled upon this EASY recipe, I was sold!  I got this from Pinterest, but didn’t repin, so I googled the original blog post.

One Pot Mac ‘n Cheese (click for recipe and blog post)

I didn’t take pictures of the prep because it was dark and rainy outside and Brett was fiddling with the grill and steaks, and I just wanted to hurry this dish along.  We did everything as the recipe states, but it didn’t take 15 to 20 minutes to cook; it was more like 5 minutes.  When the milk reduced and the mixture was creamy, we chose to add Gruyere cheese (omg, nom!) and a little parmigiano-reggiano cheese for good measure. Then topped with 7 or 8 slices of crumbled bacon (that I baked).  And this side dish was fast, easy and one of the most delicious mac ‘n cheeses I have ever tasted.  Definitely recommend! (which is why I named this post “with Mac ‘n Cheese”).

Just look at that steak!! Again, not a big steak eater, but this steak was cooked to perfection – thanks, Brett!  A most delicious meal on a rainy Sunday  night.

Monday night was a repeat – Ground Beef Stroganoff. Brett is out of town tonight and tomorrow night, so I’m making tofu fried rice tonight because Brett likes meat, so I’m excited for a meal I love!  Will post that recipe tomorrow.


Lundi, lundi

Whew! Monday is over.  No special food reports for the weekend.  Brett and I stuffed our faces with Chinese food Saturday.  We hadn’t had Chinese in sooo long, and I had to talk Brett into it (wasn’t THAT hard).  And, Sunday we grilled yummy hamburgers.  Oh, I did make Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip as an appetizer.  Psst! I used canned chicken. Football Sundays = grillin’ and chillin’.

Tonight we had a repeat meal – Whole Wheat Chili Macaroni (click for past post).  I just realized that this recipe was part of a recap post, meaning I just posted the final picture instead of all the pictures.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll update that next time we have it.  Because we will have it again…deeelish!

Saturday I also did the 30 Day Shred, only this time I upped it to Level 2.  Wow!  I’ve read other blogs where they were cursing her because the moves were crazy . . . I agree in a way, but to me the moves were crazy in a good way.  It felt really good.  After holding plank position for so many different exercises, I have to admit I thought my shoulders would explode.  I did yell a few choice words on the last exercise, but it was all good.  No pain, no gain!  And there was definitely pain yesterday.

Today after work I went downstairs and ran on the treadmill. I set it to 5K and at about 2.3 miles I wondered if I should have just set it to manual because my left calf was killing me.  I finished though.  Had to walk a few times throughout the run and finished the 3.1 miles in 40:39.  Blah.  I need to warm-up a little before starting the program, so I can start running as soon as the program starts instead of walking part of the first mile.  I think I’ll continue to treadmill it and take a picture of my stats, like this:


Bring on Tuesday!